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Siente la onda expansiva de la erupción de un volcán

El 29 de agosto de este año, en Papúa Nueva Guinea hizo erupción el volcán en el Monte Tavurvu. Phil McNamara logró captar la impactante onda expansiva que se produjo luego de la erupción.

La ciencia de la felicidad

¿Quién piensas que es más feliz después de un año? ¿quienes ganaron la lotería o quienes quedaron parapléjicos? Dan Gilbert nos da la respuesta y nos explica lo que es sintetizar la felicidad y como nos ayuda a sentirnos más felices.
Revisa el video y entiende cómo funciona la ciencia de la felicidad.

How Do Pineapples Grow? (And produced?)

The pineapple it’s a tropical plant and unlike what many might imagine, pineapples grow on the ground and not on trees or plants as are used with other fruit. The pineapple is a herbaceous perennial, which grows to 1.0 to 1.5 meters (3.3 to 4.9 ft) tall or more.

When creating a pineapple, the plant can produces up to 200 flowers that come together to create this super sweet fruit. The size of the pineapple depends on this, more flowers can produce a bigger pineapple.

We are use to this fruit, when we see one pineapple on the supermarket we don’t feel surprised or think “what are this thing doin here”. It is usually serve on common dishes or dessert and the taste is used for juice or icecreme. But, have you ever wonder: Where and how do pineapples grow?

How do pineapples grow?

Look at your self

It all starts when the plant generate up to 200 flowers and they all come together to become an immature pineapple.

How Do Pineapples Grow

This is a pineapple plantation. You can see that there is just only onee pineapple per plant.

how do pineapple grow field

Take a look closer to a growing pineapple

how do pineapple grow

If you want it, you can grow your own pineapples at home cutting the upper part of the fruit and putting it on water or directly on the grown.
If you’re lucky, in 20 – 24 month you can have your own harvest of fresh pineapple.

How Do Pineapples Grow